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Before you Purchase a Rabbit

There are several considerations about purchasing rabbits for pets that many overlook or simply don't know. Rabbits are a low maintenance pet, depending on your breed of choice, but *low* maintenance doesn't mean *no* maintenance.

A good breeder is familiar with their breed. They can tell you basic care tips relevant to their rabbits that might be slightly different from other breeders. Generally speaking avoid pet shops. There are several reasons for this - a key one is often pet shops want to purchase the smallest "cute" bunnies and will do so at 2-3 weeks old.

Rabbit breeder's marking

While it is true that rabbits can survive on their own and are usually eating and drinking by then there is much more to consider. The stress of weaning, the stress of being in an open area and shipped usually multiple times can be more than the young immune system is ready for. Often the workers are not familiar with rabbits so they don't recognize the slight droop to the ear before a rabbit gets *sick* and often there is little training on proper handling of rabbits. Additionally you will pay a great deal more for the rabbit than one of the same age that has had time to grow up to a couple months old, without a compromised immune system.

This means a healthier rabbit, better advice and lower cost for your pet. It also insures that the bunny really is the breed that is represented, providing the breeder is honest. There are many things that can make a pet bunny in comparison to a show bunny. Some breeds must have certain markings in order to compete and those without good markings are not kept. Others can occasionally produce an unapproved color within a certain bloodline. Sometimes a toenail is the wrong color. Of course the markings and color isn't a factor in pets, only the health and temperament.

Dwarf rabbit

Look for clear eyes and nose on your bunny. The fur should be respective to breed but clear and without excessive traces of manure around the tail that can indicate diarrhea or other problems that might be developing. Check the teeth especially of breeds that are short faced such as dwarf and lop breeds. Make sure the top incisor goes over the top of the bottom one. This is a health issue that is important to a pet rabbit and eliminates a rabbit from breeding.

Another benefit of buying from a breeder is you can have him or her tattooed in her ear. Although bunnies don't like the process it is quick and no different than our having an ear pierced…the pain is quick and passes. Many resist the firm hold more than the pinch on the ear. The big advantage in having this done however is identification. If your rabbit should ever get out of the house or escape his cage if you just say "brown rabbit" or even "brown and white rabbit" there is no way most people will distinguish one brown rabbit from another, and many do not know breeds. However if you have a white rabbit with KEN in the right ear or PET in the left ear this is positive identification.

Rabbits are remarkably healthy when you choose for health and start with a healthy rabbit! Eliminating problems is always good!

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