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What happens if your dwarf rabbit starts to smell? Do you bath your dwarf rabbit? The answer is no.

Dwarf rabbits, by nature, do not need to bath. There are natural oils on its fur that is important to its survival, and if you wash off those oils, the rabbit may contract pneumonia, and may even die from it.

New rabbit owners may be tempted to give the dwarf rabbit a good bath and then dry the fur in front of a fan. That is a big mistake and in many cases, dwarf rabbits have died tragically after taking baths.

So how do you keep your dwarf rabbit clean if you can't bath it?

One way is to use a wire cage with a pan underneath to catch any poop or excrement that comes from the rabbit. Such cages are kept much cleaner and your pet rabbit will have little chance of getting its fur dirty with unnecessary contact with the poop. You can easily clear out the poop by emptying and cleaning the pan underneath the cage on a regular basis.

In addition, you can also dry clean the rabbit. Your local pet store will have powders that are good for dry cleaning. Use the powders on the fur of the rabbit and then give the coat of fur a gentle comb through.

Alternatively, you can use a cloth and wet it with white vinegar. Clean the fur with the cloth and the use a dry cloth to dry the fur. Again, be reminded NOT to place the rabbit in front of a fan just to dry the fur.

Sometimes, your dwarf rabbit may smell because it is having diarrhea. In this case, you need to check the rear side of the dwarf rabbit for matted poop. Then just clean off the poop and monitor the situation to see if you need to bring the dwarf rabbit to a vet.
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What happens if your dwarf rabbit starts to smell? Do you bath your dwarf rabbit? The answer is no.