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Larger Breeds for Pets
Some people want more than a small breed rabbit. With room and additional feed these breeds are calm, mellow rabbits that can make wonderful pets. The giant breeds do take considerably more room and it’s a commitment. With some of these rabbits reaching 15-20 pounds it will surprise you how much that cute little bunny will grow!

Some changes need to be made for these larger breeds. Water bottles are highly recommended instead of crocks or bowls – these larger breeds have more strength to dump their water and feed! A large can, sufficient for the rabbit to get his or her face into in order to eat comfortably is good for feed provided it is wired solidly to the side of the hutch.

Examples of these large breeds are the Flemish Giant, Giant Chinchilla, Checkered Giant, Giant Angora and French Lop are all breeds that can mature over 11 pounds, with many of these breeds not having a maximum size. Keep a breed that matches your personality. If you don’t enjoy endless grooming, skip any kind of angora as they need regular thorough grooming not only to maintain the coat but for the comfort of the rabbit. Generally speaking these giant breeds are mellow but the Checkered Giant can have considerable spunk, too much for some people!

Giant ChinchillaRemember with these giant breeds the temperament for a pet rabbit is crucial. They can cause injury if they bite and scratches can be more severe because of the power behind them.

This Giant Chinchilla is not yet fully grown yet this 18 inch wide cage is too small for her to relax comfortably. As she reaches her full size, like many of the giant breeds, she needs much more room. Small cages are fine for babies but these breeds grow so quickly that they need larger accommodations!

Larger breeds also mean more feed. Remember to balance this though. Although a good quality pelleted feed is good for rabbits, especially these larger breeds need fiber. They need roughage, be it hay, grasses or other forage.
An occasional slice of whole wheat bread seems a treat for them and is something some breeders swear by.

For those wanting a larger rabbit but not quite the size of the giants there is a wide range of breeds available in the mature size of 8-11 pounds. These are commonly called the "meat breeds" or "commercial breeds" but some can still make wonderful pets. Just a few of the breeds in this section is Rex, New Zealand, Satins, Californians, American Chinchilla and several of the lop eared breeds.

These large breeds can be wonderful pets but always remember as a rabbit they are still naturally a prey animal. Children, people and other animals running towards them can scare them into running. Safe housing is important as well as supervision when they’re loose in your home. Don’t overlook the strength of these rabbits! Some pet sites suggest using outdoor dog exercise panels and placing them in the yard but they can jump over or knock down these pens and escape. A solid four feet square portable pen with a wire floor to prevent digging out and a roof for shade can provide these large breeds a place to graze on your lawn and allow for regular moving of the pen. Be sure nothing has been sprayed on the lawn!

Not everyone has a fondness for the small breeds and these larger breeds are another option for those who want a larger pet but dogs or cats aren’t an option. They’re quiet, they’re often quite calm and friendly. Talk to a reliable breeder and see if they’re right for you.

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